The First Step to Living an Extraordinary Life Lies In Your Way of Thinking w/Ken Van Liew

We all want to lead extraordinary lives, but the reality is, most real estate professionals never get beyond the point of simply getting by, and the majority of the time, that comes down to mindset. 

How can we identify the baggage that’s stopping us from reaching our full potential and get rid of it for good? Is it even possible to remove those self-imposed bottlenecks altogether?

In this episode, author and world-renowned real estate investment authority, Ken Van Liew shares his secrets to building a life beyond our wildest dreams. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How to get better at really listening

How can we expect to receive knowledge when we’re hearing everything through a self-imposed filter? 


  • The key to pushing past low self-confidence

How can we stop letting our fears of the unknown hold us back and start embracing them, instead? 


  • How to recover from any setback

Is there a way to use our missteps to our advantage, so instead of seeing them as ‘failures’ we view them as lessons? 


Guest Bio

Ken Van Liew is an author, educator and world-renowned authority on real estate investing. A professional engineer as well as an investor, Ken has completed over $1.35 Billion in development in New York City, and is a skyscraper expert in the city. He is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with others looking to follow in his footsteps, through his book, his programs and speaking engagements. Ken has been featured in several media outlets, including NBC, ABC, Fox News and CBS News. 


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