The Benefits of Investing in Mobile Home Parks w/Kevin Bupp

Mobile home parks are one of the most untapped investing asset classes that we could be taking advantage of. What benefits does it offer and how do they match up against the more traditional investing markets? How did our guest build a lead generation system from scratch for mobile home investing? On this episode, we’re joined by real estate investor, entrepreneur and podcaster, Kevin Bupp, who shares on creating passive income through mobile home parks, and relationship networking and lead generation. 

Direct-to-owner marketing is all about getting the timing right. -Kevin Bupp

Takeaways + Tactics 

  1. If you can laser target exactly who your client is, it’s sometimes easier to put together a custom list than to sift through a list created by someone else. 
  2. Benefits of mobile home parks. Lower turnover, it’s the only asset class with a diminishing supply so there isn’t a lot of competition. There’s also ease of management, because you’re not in charge of the homes but the land, and common areas.  
  3. Direct-to-owner marketing is all about giving people value to build trust and interest before they need to buy and sell, so that we’re top of mind when that need does arise.

When it comes to real estate investing, we shouldn’t just be focused on the trendy and more well-known methods when there’s an opportunity to dominate in an area with very little competition and massive benefits. Mobile home investing is an example of this. With a massive barrier of entry when it comes to lead generation and unmatched benefits, it is the epitome of blue water fishing, meaning we have a higher chance of becoming kings of the category. 

Guest Bio

Real estate expert, serial entrepreneur, and host of two podcasts, Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow and The Mobile Home Investing Podcast. Go to for more information and to check out his podcast. To learn more about the investing side, go to

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