Takeaways From a Tony Robbins Event w/Kathleen Black

Your entire business is built on what you believe you can do, the effort you put into it, and the people you surround yourself with. What happens when you get discouraged and it starts affecting both your focus and productivity? What self-care routine should everyone practice to get stronger mentally and physically? How can you stay away from toxic thoughts? In this episode, Kathleen Black speaks about the experience she had at a Tony Robbins event and how she helps her clients thrive by taking a holistic approach to their personal life and business.

Worrying is a prayer for what you don't want. -Greg McDaniel

Three Things We Learned


Prime your mind and body every morning


Make sure you start off the day with the right mindset. It will affect your decisions, your performance, and the way you interact with others. You have to let negative thoughts go, visualize your goals, and work on your health and well-being.

The best way to fight negativity is to take action

You can’t fight the way you feel sometimes, but you can look around and determine what changes would make you feel better. What can you do to improve your current situation instead of letting the thoughts of an unfinished job eat away at you?

Practice acceptance of the things you cannot control

There will be days when you’re forced to deal with bad clients, and there will always be reasons to feel anxious or angry about something. What makes a big difference is mood control, being emotionally resilient, and not letting emotions control you for the whole day.


Worrying not only robs you of energy and enthusiasm but it also makes you focus your energy on things that aren’t under your control. If you’re constantly stressed out due to your fears and worries, you’re actually making them more likely to come true, as worrying affects your energy levels and productivity, which leads to a vicious cycle. There will always be crisis in your life, but the best you can do is focus only on the things you can control. Guest Bio

Kathleen Black is a CEO and a leader of a team that has 80% of it’s agents in the top 1% nationally. She is a real estate coach at Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting as well as a certified NLP practitioner coach.

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