Tackling the Mass Urban Exodus w/Jim Remley

The economy we knew pre-COVID no longer exists, and many people who once lived in the city to be closer to work and schools are now doing everything remotely. All this has contributed to urban flight on a grand scale, so it’s time for agents to switch up their strategies. 

We’re seeing a massive shift in what the consumer wants out of their home, and as real estate professionals, it’s our duty to help them find the property that best suits their new needs. What can we do to assist city homeowners in relocating to the suburbs or rural areas?

How long will the mass exodus last, and what does the move away from cities mean for property owners, both residential and commercial? 

In this episode, the author, residential real estate expert, and host of the eRealEstateCoach Podcast, Jim Remley shares how to respond to urban flight as agents and community leaders. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How to show urban sellers we’re open for business:

Take a look through every marketing piece we share and scan for the word ‘relocations’. If it’s not already there, add it in, stat! We have to let urban clients know we’re on hand to help them leave the city. 

  • How rural agents can set themselves up for booming business:

Start reaching out to Realtors in nearby urban markets. By building great relationships with the agents in feeder markets now, we’ll be the first people they think of when a client decides to relocate.

  • How to use social media to identify potential clients during the exodus: 

Linkedin offers a ton of opportunities for lead generation because it lets us see where people work. Look for people working remotely and reach out to see if they would be interested in relocating to the market we serve. It may sound like a long shot at first, but we’re bound to get a response from someone.


Guest Bio

Jim Remley is an industry superstar, author, and nationally recognized expert in the field of residential real estate. In addition to being the Principal Broker at John L. Scott Real Estate and founder of Luxury Home Council, Jim is the President of erealestatecoach.com, where he has coached thousands of top producers to create financial freedom and work-life balance. Jim is also the host of the eRealEstateCoach Podcast. 


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