How to Become Top of Mind with Social Media w/David Greenspan

With so many people using social media at the moment, there has never been a better time to put ourselves out there and make a name for ourselves. Use this time to get in front of as many people as possible.


How can we get started with documenting our lives and do people even want to see what we’re doing throughout the day? Is there a ‘right’ approach to social media if we want to see results?


The reality is, people are looking for an escape now and by merely sharing even our imperfect moments, we can connect with people in our markets and build lasting relationships.


On this episode, Founder and CEO of MindShare101 Inc., David Greenspan shares how to become top of mind with the people in our markets using social media. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • Use Stories to get in front of people. A lot of us are nervous about posting videos of ourselves, so using a platform where we can share unpolished, authentic moments is a great way to get started.
  • Stop worrying about the ‘right’ time to post - just start posting. Once we’ve established a routine and a following, our audiences will tell us when they want us to share content. 
  • Tag people in content. The quickest way to start engagement and build a following is by tagging other people - they’ll see our posts and will reciprocate. 



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Guest Bio

David Greenspan is the Co-Founder and VP of KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems and the Founder and CEO of MindShare101. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate space, David has extensive experience helping Realtors with their marketing needs. David is passionate about helping Realtors build MindShare to create a top of mind intuitive instinctive reaction. 


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