Social Media Star Ed Stulak On Building an Online Persona That Stands Out

By now, every agent should have some kind of social media presence, but it’s not enough to simply have a profile. If we want to use social media to boost our business, we have to work the platforms we’re on. 


The problem is, when it comes to creating the kind of content that not only draws attention and gains a following, but paves the way for more business, most agents are still stumbling around in the dark. 


So, how should we be using social media? 


In this episode, New Jersey Realtor, brand strategist and social media guru, Ed Stulak shares his top tips for social media success. 


"Don’t overthink your social media, just start doing something!" -Ed Stulak


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The key to growing a dedicated following Does gaining a bigger following come down to nothing more than being our authentic selves, or is there something else we can do to attract a wider audience?


  • 1 way to build offline relationships from online conversations Can we turn our online interactions into real-world relationships that translate into business opportunities?


  • How to be more personable on social media It’s one thing to share content that attracts social media users; how can we show them we’re approachable for one-on-one conversations?


Guest Bio


Ed Stulak is a New Jersey licensed Realtor and a social media star in the real estate space. Along with selling real estate, Ed teaches agents in the US and abroad how to build and scale a personal brand, and an online presence that stands out., through his online course, Instagram For Real Estate. 


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