From 0 to 5,000 units and counting with John Azar

John Azar loves multifamily investing because you can allocate a little amount of capital and get a lot for it. His firm controls nearly 5,000 units! Mr. Azar believes that you must get out of your comfort zone if you truly plan on creating a large scale apartment business. In this episode he shared some of his insights on how to grow an apartment investing business and what it takes to remain in the game for the longterm.This was one of our favorite shows because we found a ton of value in John's discussion on inflections points and the way his business needed to change at specific milestones in its growth. In this show you will discover: -The evolution of John's business -Where he thinks the multifamily market is headed -Raising private money -Inflection points -Financing -Why he started his own management company -What institutional investors are looking for -John's investment strategy -Due diligence -And much more! MACCVP - Wheelbarrow Profits Book -

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