Get Addicted to Life W/ Rob & Claudia Rowsell

Claudia has never done drugs, but she lived the homeless lifestyle with Rob because she was addicted to Rob. She was told by many well-meaning friends, her parents, and even Rob’s parents, to run away and don’t look back, because Rob would never change. She believed they were wrong.

At the direction of one of his probation officers, Rob admitted himself into a 30-day drug rehab. By the Grace of God, he has been sober ever since that day! 

In four short years, while still on probation in two separate matters, he got his driver’s license back, paid all fines and restitution he owed, bought their first home, and bought their first business! Today they are now engaged in many businesses and Rob has now dedicated his life to helping other people grow to the next level, and achieve the impossible as well.

Rob Rowsell has authored a book- 'Addicted to Life'! that describes how he went from homeless to extraordinary success and happiness in a short period of time.

Key Insights: 00:00 Introduction 04:15 Do not regret your past 08:06 Have faith and hope 10:15 Switching addictions and one day winning over all of them 16:00 The turning point in marriage 19:20 Step out of your comfort zone and take action 21:45 There is no sunshine and rainbow always 23:55 The books we read, too influence us 24:27 Law of exposure 29:15 Asking for help 33:54 Never assume 35:26 'Addicted to Life'

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