Database Marketing 101: The BEST Place to Look for Leads Is Right Under Your Nose

For those of us who have spent years curating our databases, we’re sitting on absolute GOLDMINES. The question is, why are so few of us tapping into them?


Why is it that so many agents are more comfortable making cold calls to absolute strangers than to the people who already know, like and trust us?


In this episode, we’re diving deep into mining our databases and capitalizing off of the connections we’ve already made. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to strike up a conversation with old contacts Is it possible (and advisable!) to reconnect with the people in our spheres if we haven’t touched base with them for years? 


  • What NOT to do when reaching out to our spheres Is there anything we want to avoid entirely when it comes to communicating with our databases?


  • The FORD framework for effective reconnections How can we guarantee a successful conversation with the people in our databases?

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