Marketing Shouldn't Be Complicated! Tim Fitzpatrick on Getting Back to Basics and Developing a Marketing Strategy That Doesn't Stress You Out

There’s an overwhelming amount of in-depth information about marketing out there, but people still aren’t seeing results, and that’s because complexity is the killer of success.


How can we get back to the basics of marketing, so instead of fancy-sounding tactics, we’re getting serious about strategy? Is it possible to do all that without adding to our existing stress levels in the process?


In this episode, President of Rialto Marketing, Tim Fitzpatrick shares how to get massive results from simpler marketing. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Why we need to quit getting sucked into the backend of real estate Sure, contracts are important and it’s a great idea to have a basic understanding of the process, but what good is all of that if no one even knows what we do?


  • How to zone in on a target market How can we stop trying to appeal to everyone and find the right consumers for us?


  • Why specialization doesn’t need to be a limitation Can we keep getting big results if we’re only zoning in on one niche?


Guest Bio


Tim Fitzpatrick is the President of Rialto Marketing. Passionate about simplifying marketing to create less stress for his clients, Tim advocates against overly complex ideas and information overload. His chief goal is to start with the basics before trying out brand new trends, because marketing shouldn’t be difficult- especially when done right. 


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