Tuesday Tactical - The 3 Videos Every Realtor MUST Create w/Jackson Wilkey

All agents should be using video to connect with potential clients, and creating personalized, informative content for YouTube is the best place to start. How can we provide educational videos that resonate with our audience? What kind of content should we be sharing, and where can we find the right information to share? On this episode, podcast host, YouTube personality and real estate broker at eXp Realty, Jackson Wilkey, shares the three videos every agent should be creating. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Use video to educate people on the cost of living in our city. Make this even more effective by sharing personal stories. For example, agents with kids can talk about the cost of daycare, or if we’re single, speak about the young professional scene.


Create a video listing the pros and cons of the cities we live in - and be honest. People want to know what they’re getting into when they move to a new city, so give a rounded view of what they should expect.


Use the Internet to find the top 5 neighborhoods in the city, and film a video exploring those spots. Do house tours, visit local businesses and speak about schools in the area. 


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Guest Bio

Jackson Wilkey is a real estate broker at eXp Realty and an agent at NextHome Realty Connection. He is also one of the YouTubers behind the Living in Portland Oregon channel, and a co-host of The YouTube Agents Podcast. Jackson is passionate about helping people adjust to life in Portland, as well as helping other agents grow their own YouTube following.


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