RPP - The 4 Quadrants with Johnny Joe

Jake Stenziano and Nick Chapman interview Johnny Joe on how he ended up in all 4 of Robert Kiyosaki’s 4 quadrants before he began investing in real estate. Johnny has worked with Fortune 50 companies helping create operational efficiencies, exit his tech company he launched, and now is invested in over 1000 units as sponsor, KP and LP... 

Key Information:

  • Lost 6% of his net worth in one  day and decided he needed to reevaluate his investing

  • Johnny Joe’s criteria for an investment

    • Appreciation

    • Distribution

    • Tax benefits

    • Plan

    • A Team that it can Make it Happen

    • Based on his criteria he realized real estate is the perfect answer 

  • You have to know yourself before you pick a location

    • Willingness to Travel

    • Your Property Management Team

    • Crime

    • Demographics

    • Diverse Job Sector

  • How to Vet Team Members

    • Have Same Core Values

      • Acquiring

      • Managing

        • Take property managers to the property on tours

        • Understand the plan and their capabilities

      • Disposition of Asset

    • This includes vendors and contractors

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