How we can buy house in US

There are two ways to buy a home:

  1. Cash
  2. Finance

In finance, one part of the payment is in cash and the other part is getting a loan.

In both ways, at first, the buyer must make an offer for the house and then The seller reviews the buyers' offers. But the most important part of buying a home before anything else is choosing a real estate agent who specializes in this work and writes the offer for you and defends your rights. The Real Estate Agent knows how to arrange a home contract that works for you. Writing these contracts is a very precise job and your rights may be lost with the slightest mistake.

After the buyer offers, the seller reviews all the buyers' offers and asks them what the high stand best price is. and finally, an offer is accepted from all offers.

After the seller selects the offer, the buyer has three days to open the Escrow Account. The Escrow company is the intermediary between the buyer and the seller and is responsible for transferring the house from the seller to the buyer.