Real Estate Investing for Dummies: Luke 'The Money' Middleton Shares The Beginner's Guide to Crushing it as an Investor

The real estate business is filled to the brim with money making opportunities, but for some reason, when it comes to investing, the majority of agents run for the hills, because they just don't know what they don't know.


So, what should we know? How can we get started in real estate investing and take advantage of everything the space has to offer? 


In this episode, owner of the Middleton Group, Luke 'Money' Middleton shares his beginners guide to investing, so we can stop thinking about it and just do it, already! 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to invest without using a dime of our own money

Yeah, investing sounds cool…but how in the heck are we supposed to pay for properties? 


  • 1 way to weigh up the income opportunity of investment properties 

How can we work out if an investing opportunity is worth it? 


  • Why we need to get better at seeking out knowledge

Wouldn't it be easier to dive into investing if we had someone walking us through the process? 

Guest Bio


Luke Middleton is the owner of Middleton Group. A seasoned real estate agent and investor, Luke has been in the business for nearly two decades, so it's no surprise that he's considered an expert in the space. Luke is revered in the industry as a brilliant marketer, negotiator, and even a non-licensed, non-certified therapist, who loves any opportunity to do what he loves.


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Ashlee Chapman is the Director of Acquisitions at Middleton Group. A real estate agent with a diverse range of skills, Ashlee is a problem solver at heart and a specialist when it comes to distressed properties. 

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