How to Buy Real Estate in Belize w/Jonathan Lohr, Jeff Coats and Josh Frazier

There are so many opportunities for wealth creation in Belize, so agents should be looking to invest as much as possible. What makes Belize such a great place to invest in? Should we be advising our clients to put their money into countries like this? What is holding American and Canadian clients back from new opportunities in Belize, and how can we allay their fears? On this episode, agents at 17 North Ltd, Jeff Coats and Josh Frazier, and owner of Ceiba Realty, Jonathan Lohr, share the benefits of buying in Belize.


Takeaways + Tactics 

Buying in Belize is a great investment, because anyone can buy property and own it outright forever. 

Belize is an entrepreneur’s paradise. Take advantage of every opportunity to invest in real estate, local businesses and the farming sector.  

American and Canadian buyers have 3 main fears: who they can trust, whether they can keep their investments, and safety. We have to help set their minds at ease, and then we can go back to real estate and marketing basics.

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