Quick tips to find discounted properties easily!

As an investor, I always have this idea in mind that offering sellers provide them with convenience. So, why not help them? Especially those who are motivated and want to sell their property at a discount since they are in need.

Here are some tips to follow in order to boost your chance of finding these discounted properties:


  • Ask local agents to see if they have pocket listings or not. Or the property they have not listed for any reason.
  • Joint ventures with other whole sailors
  • Let your friends and family know your business and don't keep it a secret as they may bring you deals!
  • Post ads on your social media profiles freely like on your Facebook or Instagram account.
  • Direct mailing to the targeted people who are tackling divorce, probate, or even tax delinquents, for instance, can be a good choice.
  • Use signs freely like using banded signs on your wheels.
  • Joint ventures with other investors and make the partnership as they may find deals for you or vice versa. 
  • Use mass media for advertisements.
  • Probate, divorce, or eviction attorneys are good people to network with because of their clients' situations.
  • HOA managers in homeowners associations may want some neighbors out of the neighborhood because of not paying HOAbills. They may easily give you the contact detail of potential sellers.
  • Call banks. They may be taken back properties via foreclosure.
  • Find pending properties that are near the expiration date of the listing.
  • Host your own meet-up group. After a couple of sessions, people will label you as an expert in your business if they know what you are doing and might bring you deals.
  • Accountants are also can provide you with potentially motivated sellers with financial issues. So network with them.
  • And a lot more.


In order to find discounted properties, you are better to search for off-market properties rather than on-market ones. That is to say in off-market, often the process is much faster and the sellers are more motivated. There are no agent costs. You rarely need proof of funds. Therefore it is easier to find deals.

After all, do not hesitate to make offers since you can expect to make a deal if you do make an offer!


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