Qualis Celebrates 20 Years Anniversary

Qualis celebrates its 20th anniversary on March 1, 2023! During this period we transformed from a publisher into a
marketing company for the higher segment brokerage. How have we been able to further strengthen our position as
market leader in this segment in recent decades? “Innovate and respond to technological changes”.

Emile van der Veen, director of Qualis: “The housing market today looks completely different than when we started in 2003.
Just look at the number of million-dollar homes in the Netherlands. Roughly twenty years ago there were 35,000, now about 150,000.
Ten percent of these homes changed owners in 2021. The number of brokers in the Netherlands has also grown over the years to
approximately 16,000. Distinctiveness is increasingly important to remain a leader in the higher segment of the housing market.”

Qualis makes a difference by offering unique marketing tools to its 50 affiliated real estate agencies, spread throughout the Netherlands.
“As a result, Qualis estate agents are able to present homes to the largest possible target group of potential buyers, at home and abroad.
Active seekers, but also latent buyers are reached. For consumers, this results in optimal sales results. Successful brokering goes
much further than a sign in the garden and an advertisement on funda. Customers consciously choose our added value.
It is therefore not surprising that a dozen Qualis brokers have been affiliated with Qualis from the start,” says Emile.

In addition to the use of effective marketing strategies, Qualis brokers have knowledge and skills within the higher market segment.
“The real estate agencies affiliated with Qualis all have a strong position and provide high-end service. A proven track record in
terms of purchases and sales and the customer can count on high-quality advice, for example on a financial, legal or tax level.
Things are often more complex with more exclusive homes than with an average terraced house.”

Technological developments made a large number of innovations possible. “At the beginning of the 21st century, our focus was
mainly on publishing magazines. The shift to more and more online tools is a logical one. Within the digital possibilities,
it is mainly a lot of testing to find what works well. We use data to see what helps our customers best.
Our core business has not changed in recent years, which is still the smart connection of sellers and buyers of exclusive homes.
Both groups are increasingly finding their way to us through the use of online advertising, national radio and daily newspapers, among other things.

In the next twenty years, Qualis will continue to change with the market and seize its opportunities.
Emile: “With the current housing market, brokers will be judged more than ever on what they have to offer.
That offers us new opportunities!”

Qualis Celebrates 20 Years Anniversary
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