CRM’s are about to get a LOT better w/Scott Sillari

Many agents spend a ton of time and money searching for the top CRM, but the truth is there isn’t one ‘best’ offering. Instead of looking for the perfect software, we need to work with what we’ve already got.


Still, many of us would benefit from more user-friendly CRMs. Is there a way to create an easier flow between all our systems so we see better results?


There may not be a superior CRM on the market, but we can amplify what our existing operating systems do by using the right middleware. 


In this episode, Head of Sales and Marketing at Real Synch, Scott Sillari shares how Real Synch’s technology creates integration to save agents time and hassle. 


You will never find all the features you want in one CRM, and that’s why you should look into integrative platforms like Real Synch. -Matt Johnson


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How to eliminate human error when entering data on multiple systemsWhen we manually enter information across multiple systems, we risk making some mistakes. Implement an integrative tool like Real Synch to automate tasks and avoid wasting time on double data entry and potentially dealing with mistakes later on.


How integration technology creates convenience Save time by installing a Real Synch plugin on Gmail. This lets agents enter information on the CRM, without needing to leave their email. 


Why we need to give up on the idea of an ideal CRMWith new technology being developed so frequently, there will never be a CRM that does everything we need. Before changing operating systems, ask whether we’re facing real challenges with the software. If not, don’t waste resources trying to learn something new.

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