Email Marketing Mastery

Many of us are of the mind that email marketing is dead, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Email is alive and kicking, as long as we’re doing it right.


If we want our email marketing to stick out, we can’t go for generic, boring, pages-long content, but what’s the alternative? Including a ton of different videos and links is the quickest way to end up in a spam folder, so how do we strike a balance?


Is there a way to guarantee someone in our database opens every email we send?


In this episode, we share how to make the most of email marketing.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • How to use holidays to stay relevant Holidays give us the perfect opportunity to reach out to our database in a fun way. Send out themed emails to take advantage of the holiday, and find ways to incorporate giveaways and experiences that build real connections.
  • How to keep emails engaging Most people prefer short-form marketing, so keep emails to the point. If something can be said in 5 or 10 words, always go with 5, and aim to give just enough information to spark an interest.
  • Why we have to give a little to get a little Our database is more likely to open our emails if they know there’s something in it for them. Have something of value in every piece of communication.

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