Multifamily Insights: Ep. 140: How Strong Partnerships Lead to Explosive Growth with Danny Randazzo

In the last 12 months, has added $120MM in apartments to their portfolio, bringing the total value up to $225MM. This explosive multifamily growth is driven by a partnership between Danny Randazzo and his partners Dan and Brandon. On today’s episode, Danny shares more about this partnership and why they love the North and South Carolina markets.  


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Key Insights

  • Started investing with a $1MM commercial office building
  • Multifamily is the best asset class to protect your money, force appreciation, monthly cash flow, and tax advantages
  • Left SF Bay Area and moved to Charleston, SC to focus on investing
  • Invest from TX, FL, and SC for growth potential and increase in demand
  • Properties generating $1MM in gross revenue allow for full-time professional on-site management
  •’s growth has been driven by partnership with Brandon and Dan, enabling the three to focus on their strengths
  • How to find a partner: have an open mind to own a smaller portion of more deals, clear on skills and passions and look for complementary partners
  • Great communication and clear boundaries are key for partnerships
  • Within NC and SC, Danny and his team like Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, and Charleston
  • When reviewing submarkets, review avg. HHI and ensure renovated rents are still affordable for the area


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Multifamily Insights: Ep. 140: How Strong Partnerships Lead to Explosive Growth with Danny Randazzo
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