Ep. 12: Investing in an Uncertain Market with Kathy Fettke

  • How tragic news led to the creation of The Real Wealth Network
  • Kathy interviewed various guests, including Robert Kiyosaki to learn their secrets
  • Why Kathy chose 5 properties in Dallas as her first investment
  • Kathy shares the changes that have occurred in investment cycles in early 2017
  • Playing defense and offense to win in an uncertain market
  • Why Kathy is currently investing in land deals in Reno, NV and Costa Rica
  • Risks involved with low cap rate investments
  • One key thing the White House administration cannot control
  • Kathy’s starting point for vetting a new market
  • Keys to pinpointing a growing market – even when the locals are clueless
  • How Kathy stays on changes within markets: Real Wealth Network and local property managers
  • One thing Kathy does to stay focused on her goals: Exercise
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