How to Take Real Estate into the Future w/Jeff Cohn

To see great results in real estate both now and in the future, team owners need to start embracing digital technologies. Will there ever be an ‘Uber’ of real estate? What does the future of our industry look like and how can we start offering it to our clients today? On this episode, owner of kwELITE, Jeff Cohn, shares what we can expect to see in real estate in the future. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Stop looking to create the Uber of real estate. Buying and selling properties is an involved process, so instead of looking to simplify it, Uber-style, we should be finding ways to offer our clients amazing, innovative experiences. 


Offer higher quality images. The client of the future wants to see every part of a property virtually, so postcard-sized images aren’t going to cut it anymore.


Create a virtual reality experience. By providing our clients with an opportunity to tour a home no matter where they are, we can offer convenience and value like no other.

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