How to be a Super-Connector & Build Your Business on Relationships w/David Gonzalez & Justin Zimmerman

The ability to be a connector is very useful and can help us grow our businesses. How do we find valuable ways to successfully connect with people who can help us level up? What are some of the mistakes people make when they try to reach out to people? How do we find the intersection between what we’re passionate about and what’s valuable to other people? On this episode, we are joined by Justin Zimmerman and Internet Marketing Party founder, David Gonzalez to talk about how we can use connections to build stronger businesses.  

You can’t just do something you’re passionate about. You have to find something that solves a problem for someone else. -Matt Johnson  

Three Things We Learned

The connection between advice and context

Advice always has to be seen and thought about in context of the person giving it and receiving it. If a solopreneur is being advised by a person with a multimillion dollar business, it’s important to know that the advice is in the context of a large business and it might be very different to the advice the solopreneur needs.


How to test your passion in a certain area

Most people think of marketing in the short-term. When it comes to making a better decision, it’s important to ask ourselves if an idea or strategy is something we’d be happy and comfortable doing for the next 3-5 years. Imagine doing only that and nothing else and be very honest with yourself about whether that’s something you can see for yourself.


A primer on how to connect with successful people

When you’re trying to connect with someone, create a context so that you can have an opening in conversation that isn’t just asking something. You can contact just about anyone if you do it in the right way and they get value out of it.  


The secret to being a super-connector is finding a way to talk to people that will actually bring value to them. The biggest mistake we make when we’re reaching out to people is that we don’t understand that value is the currency that drives those relationships forward. Reaching out to “pick their brain” won’t be good enough. We have to deploy whatever assets we have, whether it’s intellectual or social to make them want to engage with us.  


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