How to Build a Relationship-Based Business and Create Passive Streams of Income w/Gayle Zientek

Many agents forget that real estate is a people-based business and that the relationship comes before the transaction, not the other way around. How can we make lead generation less stressful? How can send-out cards help us touch the lives of our prospects or database? And why should we look into building several streams of passive income? In this episode, Gayle Zientek talks about how she uses send-out cards to sell more homes and which 4 streams of passive income she’s currently using.

If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. -Gayle Zientek

Three Things We Learned

How to make lead generation more fun

Lead generation can be quite stressful, but building relationships and making somebody’s day brighter isn’t. Send-out cards are a great way to make lead generation more fun because you aren’t asking something from people, you’re just giving.

The card should be about them, not you

When you send a card, make sure you don’t make it about you and your business. Use the card to tell a story and tap into people’s emotions. You can put your name and contact information on the back of the card, but don’t transform the card into a real estate brochure.

Invest in a passive income strategy

Agents are always as good as the last transaction they had. As a result, their income isn’t predictable. The best way to make your income more predictable is to invest in passive income strategies. This could involve teaching a course, EXP shares, and retreats.


The best form of branding is giving back to the community that we’re active in. This way, each time people see the results of our work, they’ll think about us not only as agents but also as people who are willing to walk the extra mile and take care of their community. Pick a charity that resonates with you and make a donation each time you sell a home.

Guest Bio

Gayle Zientek is an entrepreneur, coach, and Realtor at eXp. With over 14 years of experience in real estate, Gayle shares the knowledge she accumulated over the years at Referrals for a Living.

Her mission is to teach others to build a relationship- based-relationship and make lead generation more fun. You can contact Gayle here.

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