RCRE - From 100+ Hour Job to Time Freedom through Passive Investing with Travis Watts

Full-time Passive Investor

Dylan and Mike interview Travis Watts discussing how he went from an active investor to a full-time passive investor.

Travis has been investing in real estate since 2009 in multi-family, single-family and vacation rentals, while working on an oil rig. Travis is also the Director of Investor Relations at Ashcroft Capital. Travis has invested in over 25 passive syndications between 14 different firms

Key Information:

Travis moved to a passive investor once he built enough liquidity to invest and being actively in several single family homes

Try to meet the sponsors in person or on Zoom to build trust with sponsors

Investors need to understand more than the pro formas

Ask the sponsor your questions, there are no dumb questions

Self educate yourself through podcasts, books, and networking

Ask tough questions on the front end

Review rent growth to see if it is conservative 

Review debt structure 

Does your investing philosophy align with the sponsor?

Understand the full story of the deal

Expert Pro Tip: Have people within your network review the deals before investing & be fully transparent when working with investors


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