Nosebleed Truth w/David Wood

We often hear comments like ‘the truth will set you free’, but don’t apply the logic to our own lives. How can you start being more honest with yourself and others? What are the benefits of sharing yourself in your entirety -  good and bad - with the world? On this episode, we’re speaking to legendary life coach, David Wood who shares why all of us need to become more comfortable with sharing ‘nosebleed’ truths.

Practice ‘nosebleed truth’ with your partner. Share everything, and if they stay with you, you know you’re on a winner. -David Wood

Three Takeaways

Tell the truth, and let the chips fall where they may. Life can do a better job of leading us in the right direction if we allow it.

While telling the truth may be daunting in some instances, moments when you’re hesitant to be honest are exactly the moments you need to share what you’re thinking. Although we often try to control our lives, we never do a particularly good job at it- so stop holding it back.


Consider the ultimate question Einstein gave us: Is the universe friendly?

Asking if the universe is on your side is akin to asking what the meaning of life is. You’ll find that it’s easier to believe the universe is friendly- because if it isn’t, we should all live in a state of perpetual anxiety. Allow yourself to believe that everything will happen as it’s meant to.


Write your own ‘Warning Label’ - the things you're not very good at it, or things that might scare people off


Acknowledge your bad qualities- first to yourself, and then to others. It’s impossible to make strong connections with anyone until you’ve been completely open about your shortfalls. Be upfront and consider it a ‘warning’ label you display to the world.


Being truthful offers a great sense of freedom. Imagine being able to live life without the fear that something might come back to haunt you, or weigh on your conscience. The best part is, by being honest you’re opening yourself up to more connections than you could ever imagine. You may have a fear of rejection from telling the truth- but let the chips fall where they may. To live your best life, you need to be unabashed in your honesty.


Guest Bio

During his childhood, David Wood witnessed his sister’s death. While he initially pushed this reality out of his mind- and went on to become an actuary- later, David realized that he was finding difficulty in connecting with others. To change this, he began a journey towards coaching his own life, as well as others. This journey took him from his actuarial position, to that of a professional performer in a bar, where he was paid $50 per performance. Today, he’s widely regarded as one of the top life coaches in the world and is passionate about teaching others to share their truths.

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