The Key to Succeeding At a High Level As An Introverted Real Estate Agent w/ Ashley Harwood


Does this mean that you can’t succeed at a high level in real estate? Can an introvert grow their business and market themselves without changing themselves? 


Introversion has absolutely nothing to do with the level of success we can have, it’s simply about our energy and how we manage it. What can extroverts do to interact with introverts more effectively?


In this episode, we’re joined by CEO and founder of Move Over Extroverts, Ashley Harwood. We talk all about introverts and how they can set themselves up for success.. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The power of strategic socializing 

Do introverts need to white-knuckle through networking events or can you find ways to build relationships without draining yourself? 


  • How extroverts can navigate interacting with an introvert

Can extroverts and introverts work well together? 


  • Why self-awareness is key to success as an introvert

How can introverts distinguish between an adrenaline rush and a rise in energy levels, and avoid an energetic crash in social environments? 


  • How to leverage social media to manage your energy

What is the best form of marketing and lead generation for an introvert who hates cold prospecting? 


Guest Bio

Ashley is the CEO and founder of Move Over Extroverts, a coaching and training company for introverted real estate agents. Ashley founded Move Over Extroverts in 2018 with the goal of helping introverted real estate agents avoid burnout, enjoy their lives, and build authentic businesses. Ashley offers 1:1 coaching, teaches workshops, and speaks on the topic of introversion in real estate. 

For more information, visit and join her Facebook group Introverts in Real Estate.

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