Stop Managing Your Time: It's Time to Start Managing Your ENERGY! w/Trevor Mauch

Most of us got into this business to create freedom for ourselves. The problem is, once we make that a reality, we tend to lose our vision for the future, and as a result, we lose our motivation.


What can we do to regain the excitement we had when we first decided to go down the entrepreneurial path? How can we create an environment that encourages us to think outside the box so we continue to grow for years to come?


In this episode, CEO of Carrot, Trevor Mauch shares how to revive our energy, so we can stay passionate about our businesses. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to reframe what we think we should be doing Is it a wise decision to do more of what works, or should we be shifting gears in another direction? 


  • The key to assessing what’s draining our energy reserves How can we pinpoint the things that are adding to our plates without feeding our souls? 


  • Why evergreen content is vital What is it that makes evergreen so important, and how can we start creating it?


Guest Bio


Trevor Mauch is the CEO of online lead generation hub, Carrot. An established entrepreneur with an extensive track record of building successful businesses, Trevor's true passion lies in building meaningful relationships and finding the true value of things. Trevor is the host of the CarrotCast podcast.


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