How to Level Up & Grow Your Business When Others Are Fearful w/Dustin Brohm

The events of 2020 have caused such a drastic interruption to the norm, and many agents responded with fear and inaction. But on the other side of the fear are agents who are having the best year of their entire career. 


Even though the market is different, there’s still a lot of opportunity to gain market share and do more business. This isn’t the time to hide and wait for the storm to blow over, this is the time to be more active and visible. The willingness to take action is what’s separating the agents who are dominating from everyone else. 


What should every real estate agent be doing in this market? How do we make sure we stay top of mind? In this episode, host of the Massive Agent Podcast, Dustin Brohm returns. We discuss how to thrive in today’s real estate market and dominate while everyone else is dormant. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • How to get over the fear of change: Many people are getting tripped up by the pandemic because they’re grappling with the changes. However, the changes we are seeing aren’t coming out of the blue, Covid just sped up trends that were already happening in the business. The sooner we adapt, the more prepared we’ll be for the direction our industry is going. 
  • Why views are not the only important metric on social media: Don’t focus on views and likes so much, focus on creating content that keeps you visible and top of mind. Not getting views doesn’t mean you didn’t get an impression for someone who might hire or refer you.  
  • How to tie your hobby to your profession:  Some of the most successful real estate agents have established niches for themselves based on their hobbies and interests. It starts with finding something we’re interested in, then tying it to our community, and then getting it out there using whatever medium makes sense for us. 


Guest Bio


Dustin Brohm is the host of the Massive Agent Podcast and Co-Founder of the Industry Syndicate real estate podcast network. Dustin was a finalist for the 2019 Inman Innovator of the Year Award and he has spoken on stage at Gary Vaynerchuk’s Agent2021, Inman Connect, HousingWire, and more. He is a columnist for HousingWire and has been a Realtor in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2011. 


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