Life Breakthrough w/ Janet & Daryl Daughtry

On this episode, Julia and Gino Barbaro talk with Daryl and Janet Daughtry. Daryl and Janet have trained and certified faith-based coaches in over 60 countries since 2009. They established Life Breakthrough Coaching & Academy to fill a need in the areas of Christian life coach training and certification. They wanted to create some of the very best material that they possibly could to equip faith-based coaches to serve the Body of Christ around the world that is highly affordable, highly practical, and highly biblical. Daryl and Janet bring 40-plus years of teaching and ministry experience each.


Key Insights

00:00 Introduction

04:24 How Julia Barbaro met Janet & Daryl

06:40 Life coaching skills that can make difference in people's lives

09:20 Power of asking the right questions

14:52 Listening skills for leaders

15:24 How couples can improve their relationships

19:57 How to acquire life coaching skills

22:38 Desire to help people

27:48 Trusting your heart

30:52 Owning your actions


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