Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast: How to Stay Relevant as Tech Companies Rise w/ Jeff Cohn

The introduction of tech companies has caused anxiety in many industries, including real estate. Is your business in danger of failing in the wake of tech competitors? How can you keep doing business when so many of these companies gain popularity for their convenience and low prices? On this episode, owner and CEO of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, Jeff Cohn joins us to discuss how your business can flourish if you embrace new technologies and digital platforms.

Be aware that you now have to differentiate yourself from the other agents AND big tech companies. -Matt Johnson


Three Takeaways

Change the way you offer value

With the rise of the millennial generation, we need to start adapting our approach to satisfy younger clients. Millennials prefer communicating over text and don’t want to make tons of appointments- so find ways to meet those desires. However, remember that there are older people who will continue to buy and sell for years to come. The best option, going forward, is a hybrid model.


Stop worrying about tech company prices

We’ve never not had to compete over prices. Stop agonizing over the prices tech companies offer and treat the competition as you always would have. Of course there needs to be an adaptation of sorts, but don’t assume that the presence of technology automatically makes you obsolete.


Share behind-the-scenes footage

One of the reasons clients might choose a tech company to buy or sell their properties is because they assume agents do little to no work. Use technology to disprove that theory. Share content that shows you doing all the tasks no one outside the industry knows about. You’re not only setting the record straight- you’re also opening yourself up to an audience and starting the process of them getting to know, like and trust you.


Technology isn’t going anywhere, so it’s vital that businesses adapt their models as soon as possible. However, even if you need to adapt, think of changes as a hybrid of sorts. You’re still speaking to past clients and networking- the only major difference is the platform you’ll use. Remember, what’s an asset to the tech companies can be an asset to you, too. Use technology to show clients aspects of the business they would previously never have known. Reach audiences previously outside your reach. Changes are always a source of anxiety- but sometimes they’ll end up taking your business to new heights.


Jeff Cohn is the owner and CEO of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group. Known for his legendary expertise in social media, Jeff and his team generate on average 2000 internet leads per month. Since exiting daily operations at his company, Jeff has continued to make his mark on the real estate industry. Today, he maintains a presence as a trainer, podcaster and speaker, among other commitments in the industry.


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