FSBOs and Flaky Buyers (Q&A)

Most agents dream about being able to move through business with the perfect words that will handle any objection and close the client, but the truth is there is no magic bullet. What is the overarching step we need to take to get better at handling objections? How does a scarcity mindset kill our success? How can you handle FSBOs and actually bring them value? On this episode, we do a Q&A on objection handling.

When you’re having trouble with objections, don’t look for magic words. Focus on lead generation and have more options so you’re not overly attached to one lead. -Matt Johnson  

Three Takeaways

How to bring value to FSBOs

When you’re talking to FSBOs, if you can bring more than your value as a real estate agent that will get in the door. If you had access to investors or if you were even the investor yourself, you will be able to get yourself in the door. The key is being in integrity so you actually have investors or an investment deal, and you also need to have done the work in the backend to set this up.


Why some clients aren’t worth working with

Some buyers are just skeptical, or their always looking for a bargain and this isn’t something you can change about them. When you deal with people like this, ask yourself if all the trouble of working with them is worth your time. If not, let them go.


The truth about objections and how to navigate them

Whenever you’re having a conflict, take a step back and ask yourself what you’re protecting. When you’re having challenges with objections, usually what you’re protecting is mindset of scarcity that makes you hold onto a lead instead of just letting it go. But if you let that go, you can let go of the lead and move onto others without too much attachment.


There are no magic words that will handle every single objection you get. The truth is, objections shouldn’t affect you if you’re not overly attached to that lead. The only way you can avoid attachment is to have options, and be generating enough leads to where you know that if that one lead doesn’t work out, there are others. Once you get out of a space of scarcity, the way you handle objections change and you’ll be able to give an answer that truly helps the client.

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