Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast: How to Build Your Brand and Business on Instagram w/Chelsea Peitz

There is a language and a flavor to every different social media platform, and we should therefore have content that makes sense for each of these platforms. We can make the most boring content engaging by putting it across in a relatable way, we just need to change our mindset about our content. How can we leverage social media algorithms to our advantage? How do we create engaging content? What can we do to improve our hashtag strategy? In this episode, social media and social sales expert, Chelsea Peitz explains what we need to do to use Instagram effectively, and how doing so will help our brand and business grow.

High-touch is critical today - just because it’s technology-involved it doesn’t mean that you’re taking the humanity out of it. -Chelsea Peitz

Takeaways + Tactics

  • We can leverage Instagram’s current two-way mutual engagement algorithm to our advantage by engaging with people on Instagram, especially via direct message. Our posts go to the top of their feed when the algorithm registers that we are interacting.
  • In order to create engaging content on social media, our content needs to fall under the following five E’s: educational, entertaining, engaging, exclusive and emotional. 
  • We need to avoid making these three common mistakes when we use hashtags on Instagram: not using enough hashtags, using hashtags that are too broad, and using non-relevant hashtags. 

There is a lot to learn about social media algorithms - not only are they always changing but they are different on different platforms. We can leverage and work with these algorithms if we know how to use them. Our industry is still about relationship building, and we need to be able to build that trust through technology. By posting and sharing the right content for the platform regularly, recognizing the difference between the various content streams on a platform, utilizing relevant hashtags, making use of direct messaging, and changing our mindset about the content we put out there, we can use social media platforms like Instagram to not only build our brand, but make relationships and generate more business.

Guest Bio

Chelsea Peitz is the National Director of Social Sales at Fidelity National Financial and is the Creator and Host of The Voice of Social Sales Podcast. She mentors elite sales teams and operational leaders to create impactful personal brands that will multiply their market share and mindshare. Through her corporate training programs, she helps her nationwide 30,000-strong team develop client-focused content that shares value, create a trustworthy reputation that attracts their ideal client, engage authentically, feel empowered by social media, use social networks with a purpose, and get more clients and close more deals. Chelsea also provides weekly video tips on Community Growth Strategies, Social Platform Updates, Organic & Paid Lead Gen, Content Planning and Personal Branding on LinkedIn. She graduated college before Y2K which means that she didn’t grow up with social media, and started a professional career before Facebook existed. She was in sales before social, and she knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the platforms and unsure of how to begin building a brand and generating business. Chelsea’s mission is to lead with heart, humility and most importantly, humanity.

Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast: How to Build Your Brand and Business on Instagram w/Chelsea Peitz
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