Matt Faircloth On How to Use Real Estate Investing to Totally Transform Your Life

Real estate investing has the power to completely change our lives and turn our wildest dreams into reality. The only question is, is there a ‘right’ way to do it?


What are the things we need to know before we go down the path of real estate investing? Is it possible to make big moves without taking big risks? 


In this episode, owner of The DeRosa Group and author of Raising Private Capital, Matt Faircloth shares how he approaches real estate investing. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • The best markets to invest in “Sexy” markets tend to be over-saturated, and declining markets are risky, so where should we be investing, instead? 


  • 1 thing to look at before purchasing an investment property What key piece of information should we be looking into before putting any money down? 


  • What investors need to know about loans Rates have been at an historic low for some time now, but is that likely to change in the near future?


Guest Bio

Matt Faircloth is the Founder and CEO of The DeRosa Group and the author of the acclaimed Amazon Bestseller, Raising Private Capital. A seasoned investor of over 15 years, Matt has completed over $40 000 000 in real estate transactions and controls over 800 units in multifamily. Passionate about helping others transform their lives through real estate investing, Matt is a regular contributor and guest on and also has his own YouTube channel, dedicated to educating investors. Matt is the co-host of The Healthy Wealthy Wiseguys Show podcast. 


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