Episode 207 - 2019 National Apartment Association winner Supriya Sriraman

Imagine winning Best Property in the Country Award by the NAA (National Apartment Association) Yes…that National Apartment Association. Their review looks at thousands of apartment properties in the nation. She won the 2019 award for Independent Rental Owner of Year with less than 250 units. She won on a 52 unit property called The Brix in Dallas. Supriya Sriraman tells you how it was done. She was in the high technology business and transitioned into property ownership and asset management. She keeps a close eye on her and her partners investment. She explains how she is managing her properties through the challenges with rental collections and leasing with the Covid 19 backdrop. She is the Queen of Apartments. She earned it. To contact Supriya Sriraman: RedbrixPropertyGroup.com

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