Key Strategies to Build, Scale and SELL Your Real Estate Team w/Jay Bourgana

Building a real estate team that doesn’t require our constant attention is something most leaders aspire to, but no one said it was easy.


What are the biggest challenges standing in the way of aspirational team leaders looking to scale (and maybe even sell) their teams? More importantly, how can we get around those barriers?


In this episode, Executive VP of First Team Real Estate and Founder of Homearly Real Estate Group, Jay Bourgana details how he managed to build and scale not just one, but TWO teams. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to overcome the dark days of building and scaling a team in any market Real estate comes with the unique challenge of not only market cycles, but also seasonal cycles. How can we navigate and overcome the difficult periods as they come? 


  • How to set our teams up for success from day 1 Building a successful team takes time, especially if we’re hoping to nurture future leaders for our organizations. How can we build a system where we encourage our teams to hit the ground running, right from the start? 


  • The key to building a sellable team Selling a real estate team is notoriously difficult. How can we do it, anyway?


Guest Bio


Jay Bourgana is the Executive VP of First Team Real Estate and Founder of Homearly Real Estate Group. Having started his career in banking, Jay first entered real estate in 2013, and since then he’s scaled not only one, but two teams. A ‘recovering’ business consultant-turned-business owner, Jay is passionate about healing ill businesses. 


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