Knowledgeable Agent? How to find out?

Once you decided to find an agent there are three key qualities to look for in any agent:

  • Responsiveness:

During the process, you will have a lot of questions. Think about how you want to communicate with your agent, how quickly you would like the agent to respond to you. Set a time frame and ask a question, if the agent didn't respond, you would better move on.

  • Reputation:

This is the time to consult your inner circle or online agent-finder tools such as Realiff or Zillow in order to acquire help. Plus, you need to verify the agent’s license. To do this, find a resource for your state in your browser to look up real estate licenses. To find out whether your prospective agent is a Realtor, you can call NAR.

  • Local expertise:

Does the agent have a familiarity with the neighborhood? Such as home value trends, shops and restaurants, schools, commute times, and geographic factors such as floodplains? These are important things especially when you're going to move to a new area.

Knowledgeable Agent? How to find out?