How to Approach Social Media Marketing in 2020 w/Dr Tim Stafford

The social media landscape has undergone a lot of changes in the first part of 2020, and a lot of agents are, understandably, starting to feel overwhelmed. Which social media platforms should we be using, and what type of content should we be sharing? What does the trend towards moving away from social media in favor of in-person interactions mean for us in 2020? On this episode, Senior Marketing Strategist at Ablaze Media, Tim Stafford, shares how to approach social media marketing in 2020. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Don’t try to use all the new social media platforms: find one that works and stick with it. It’s also important to remember that social media giants like Facebook and Twitter aren’t going anywhere, so don’t neglect them in favor of newer platforms. 


Client-created content has an 85% - 86% conversion rate, so ask clients to film video testimonials. With these videos, the most important thing is to maintain authenticity.


There is a massive trend towards getting off social media and socializing with people in-person, so as well-known members of the community, we should be creating opportunities for people to come together. While that may not be possible at the moment, consider hosting a post-COVID-19 barbecue at a local park. 


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Guest Bio

Dr Timothy Stafford is the Senior Marketing Strategist at Ablaze Media, where he is tasked with analysing and assessing online marketing strategy and SEO. Tim is also a Dissertation Chair and Associate Professor at St. Thomas University in Florida, and holds a PhD in in instructional design for online learning. Tim also speaks to small business groups on alternative fundraising and education platforms, social media in education and worldview training.


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