Sound Too Scripted on the Phone? Here’s How to Sound Authentic & Create Connection with Prospects

When you’re a new agent learning the ropes, scripts are necessary for building your confidence and communicating effectively, but there’s a huge caveat. If we rely on them too heavily, scripts can actually put prospects off, and get in the way of a genuine, engaging conversation. 


What makes your communication sound painfully scripted? How do you make your conversation feel more natural and authentic? 


In this episode, we talk about mistakes that make you sound too scripted and what to do instead. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Why heavy scripts make us seem less authentic How do we make our conversations with prospects more human, authentic and engaging? 


  • Why your scripts fall flat with prospects When it comes to scripts, what’s more important - perfection or conversation? 


  • How to confidently navigate subjects you don’t know We don’t have to have an answer for everything to communicate effectively. How do we respond when prospects ask us about an area that isn’t our forte?

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