Is There a "Magic Bullet" To Skyrocket Your Real Estate Business In 2022? The Marketing Roundtable Weighs In

Many real estate agents are always seeking that secret, lightning-in-a-bottle formula that will skyrocket them and grow their businesses in a flash, but it simply doesn’t exist. We don’t need some magical tool to make our dreams come true, if there’s any magic bullet at all, it’s hidden in the actions we take every single day. 


What are the simple things that are guaranteed to change the results we’re getting? How do we take ownership of our time and make our success inevitable? 


In this episode, the REU Marketing Roundtable talks about the “magic bullet” to grow your business and why it’s closer to us than we think. 

The real magic bullet to anything is consistency and daily habits. If your objective is to grow your business, but your daily habits don’t reflect that, then you need to make a change. -Nick Sakkis


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • Why consistency matters What tiny but mighty activities will propel us to epic success in the shortest amount of time? 


  • How to measure and refine everything you do How do we deconstruct our results so we can be sure we’re doing the right things every single day?


  • The secret to being the best versions of ourselves Accountability begins with ourselves. Why do we falter at our goals when we start breaking promises to ourselves?

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