RCRE - Brainstorming the Future of Multi-family

Will Coleman and Mike Taravella interview Chris Jackson of Sharpline Equity.


Key Information:

Systematize follow up conversations with investors and brokers using software like Trello.

Six Disciplines of Asset Management: Delinquency Management, Renewal Management, Marketing, Community Development, On-site Property Management, Reputation Management

Technology and Asset Management: Utilize Facebook and LISA for resident marketing and credible lead generation.

Property Management Accountability: Use google drive to keep PM’s accountable and keep accurate records 

Urban Relocation: As a result of COVID-19 many employers are allowing their employees to work remotely which is causing migration away from high-populated urban areas.

Metrics to look for in niche Markets: flight density, migration patterns from large cities, low rents in comparison to income.


Expert Pro Tip: “Lead with Optimism!”

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