How to Sift Through the Endless Information Out There and Find the Data You Need w/Brad McDaniel

In the information age, data is the new oil, and if we know how to put it to good use, we’re bound to stay ahead of our competitors, every step of the way.


The question is, how do we use that data effectively? What kind of information should we be looking for in the first place, and how should we be storing it? 


In this episode, Likely.Ai CEO, Brad McDaniel shares how to future-proof our businesses using data and technology.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The risk we need to be aware of when dealing with data As real estate agents, our databases are our biggest assets. Could we be putting them at risk without realizing it?


  • How to safeguard our information We’ve earned all the information in our databases. How can we ensure we’re the ones benefiting from our hard work? 


  • The AI limitations we need to be aware of AI is great at pattern recognition, but where does it fall short? How can we pick up the slack to ensure we’re getting the best of both worlds?


Guest Bio


Brad McDaniel is the co-founder and CEO of Likely.Ai, artificial intelligence aimed at helping real estate professionals sift through bad data to make low-quality leads a thing of the past. Brad is passionate about problem-solving and developing successful web and mobile products, and is a highly sought-after Director of Business Strategy. 


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