How to Keep Creating Content During COVID-19 w/Robert Ring

With so many people stuck at home at the moment, now is the perfect opportunity to double down on content creation. How do we continue to create content during this time if our strategy was highlighting local businesses? Are there any lessons we can take from this time and implement in the future? On this episode, Robert Ring, Mortgage Advisor at Cross Country Mortgage and co-host of Hops and Houses video series, shares how to keep creating content during COVID-19. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

It’s important we don’t bury our heads in the sand during the pandemic - if anything, now is the time to double down on our online presence.


Don’t stop reaching out to local businesses like restaurants. Even though people aren’t able to go out, a lot of restaurants are still doing takeout. Do a live video featuring the chef from a local restaurant to help boost the community and bring attention to places that are still open.


Learn from this experience. People tend to be more empathetic during times of crisis, but we shouldn’t be limited to that. Use this time to make a shift towards becoming more empathetic and helpful to the community. 


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Guest Bio

Robert Ring is a loan officer and mortgage advisor at Cross Country Mortgage. Since entering the business in 2013, Robert has gained a stellar reputation for his hard work and fierce dedication to helping clients achieve their dreams. Robert is also the co-host of the Hops and Houses video series on Facebook.


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