How To Give Sellers What They Want So You Can Give Them What They Actually Need

Real estate agents constantly find their content drowning in the noise because the majority are sharing the same thing - transactional, procedural content that’s helpful but not necessarily what will pique the interest and attention of the consumer. 


If we want our market to stand out - we have to lead with what the consumer wants. If we’re not giving the consumer what they want, we won’t even get a chance to show them what they need, let alone get hired. 


How do we actually gain an understanding of what the consumer is looking for? What kind of content falls into the want-to-know category, and how is it different from the need-to-know content so many agents are sharing? 


In this episode, the roundtable discusses the kind of content that cuts through a noisy, crowded marketplace. 


Your marketing upfront has to be attractive enough for them to even become aware that you exist because there’s thousands of agents in your market saying the exact same thing. -Nick Sakkis


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to actually tap into what consumers want Keying into what the consumer wants is impossible without listening. How do we actually pay attention and uncover what they are looking for? 


  • The real estate content that’s exploding right now Instead of making our content all about the details of the real estate transaction, what kind of content is the consumer actually responding to right now? 


  • How to share content at the right point in the funnel At what point in the marketing funnel can we start sharing content that showcases our ability to handle a transaction at the highest level?

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