How To Generate ‘Come List Me’ Calls w/Josh Anderson

Real estate agents around the country are dealing with the issue of low inventory. How do we generate ‘Come List Me’ calls in this climate? Who do we need to hire to help with referrals and why? How can we use events to encourage referrals? In this episode, Josh Anderson joins us to talk about about shifting how we do certain things so that we can generate a consistent stream of referrals.

We got more intentional about reviews and, different from everyone else in the real estate agency, we started using Google reviews focusing on local business. –Josh Anderson

Three Takeaways

How to deal with low inventory

When we run out of inventory, we need to be proactive. By shifting our lead generation towards agents who have properties coming onto the market that aren’t out yet, we can get ahead of property listings. Our relationships with agents are important and we need to maintain them.

Who we need to hire and why

2019 is the year of video and we need to keep with where the market is going whilst filling a gap within that. Hiring a marketing professional who specializes in social media platforms like Instagram and resources like video is an asset to our team. 

Tailoring events for referrals

Hosting events helps us get referrals when it caters to the client and when it’s something they look forward to attending. If your clients are married and have children, a catered event at home would work much better than after-work drinks.


We need to be proactive about the shifts we make so that we can address the issue of low inventory in real estate. Maintaining relationships with agents, making hiring decisions that align with the current market and hosting events that cater specifically to our clients are ways in which we can increase referrals and, by extension, grow our inventory. We should also focus some effort on encouraging reviews as they can take on the function of referrals. Through harnessing these overlooked spaces, we can tackle the issue of low inventory and our businesses can thrive.


Guest Bio

Josh is the owner of The Anderson Group Real Estate Services and Nashville’s most trusted realtor, is ranked in the Top 1000 Real Estate Agents in North America by the Wall Street Journal and consistently ranked in the Top 10 Keller Williams Southeast Region Groups for monthly closed volume. He is a business savvy professional with a strong desire to cater to his clients' particular needs. Josh is skilled in Negotiation, Luxury Goods, Budgeting, Sales, and Entrepreneurship and has a BS focused in International Business/Trade/Commerce from Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College. His market expertise coupled with his superior negotiating skills set him apart from the rest. For more information visit or email You can also connect with him on LinkedIn   

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