How to Create Relevant, Relatable Content That Helps Grow Our Businesses w/Gene Volpe & James Rembert

One thing that sets us back as real estate agents is that we’re quick to embrace new technologies, apps and platform in our daily lives, but reluctant to use them in our businesses. What are some of the things we should be paying more attention to? Why does candid video beat polished, professional, over-produced stuff? How do we balance the entertainment factor in our content with the educational factor? On this episode, The Zillow Killer, James Rembert, and Gene Volpe talk about changes to Facebook, tools and strategies we should be leveraging to be more relevant to our audiences.

Agents aren’t failing because there’s a lack of leads, their failing because of obscurity. -James Rembert

Three Takeaways

Why Instagram and Facebook stories matter

Make sure your content strategy includes anything that can keep the consumer or create content natively on the app or platform. This is the real power of Stories and how you can leverage them to be more relevant.


Perfection doesn’t sell anymore  

6 years ago the people we admired on social media were the ones that were perfect. Now we’re looking for imperfection, vulnerability and honesty because that’s relatable to us. Social media has made us more available, so we know that it’s not realistic for someone to be polished all the time.


The huge opportunity with messenger bots

Messenger bots are a force to be reckoned with in the marketing game, and other channels pale in comparison. At its highest, email has an open rate of 23% while messenger bots have up to a 97% open rate.


Digital is an enhancement of everything we do, we have to embrace it. When we think of social media to generate leads and grow our database, we have to look at it through the lens of a business. Advertising and marketing are the lifeblood of our business, they are the key to us becoming rock stars in our local markets. That means committing to creating good content which is relevant and relatable because that’s what audiences are responding to. Ultimately, if you’re not generating conversations on social media, your strategy is outdated.

Guest Bio

James Rembert is the Zillow Killer. Using Facebook, he provides marketing solutions to real estate agents who want to get high-quality leads without investing large amounts of money in platforms like Zillow. You can find out more about James and his work at

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