How to Become a TOP Listing Agent w/Chadi Bazzi

The only differences between the average agent and a high achiever are what they know and how they implement it. How can you gain credibility as a new agent? What are the decisions that gain clients for a lifetime? And what routines should you cultivate to get better at selling homes? In this episode, Chadi Bazzi talks about his journey to becoming a top real estate agent.

A lot of people are looking for leaders. The majority of the population is made up of followers. -Chadi Bazzi

Three Things We Learned


How to get instant credibility as a new agent

As a new agent, the best way to increase your credibility is to gather endorsements from the people who already like you. Your mentor (if you have one) can also help you with endorsements. This works even better since now you can leverage their credibility.

Why it’s better to lose a sale than stain your reputation

Agents who only chase the commission and don’t have their clients’ best interests in mind make the industry look bad. You have to do the opposite if you want to build a reputation and stay in the business for years to come. This may even mean that you’ll have to advise your clients against your interests and tell them that it’s not the right time to sell or buy.


To change somebody’s mind, you have to know how they think first

Leads are easy to get, especially in the digital age. But conversion is where things get tricky. If you want to impress during the first meeting, you have to do more than qualifying the potential client for wants and needs. You need to find out how they process information and what their mindset is. Once you know this, you can speak their language.


To become a top agent, you need a routine that keeps you on track. And the routine starts with shifting your mindset and actually working towards your goal even when it gets hard. Writing down your top 3 goals, having at least 4 affirmations, finding reasons to be thankful for your life, and making note of your accomplishments in the present tense are just a few ways you can stay motivated and energized on the daily basis.

Guest Bio

Chadi Bazzi is a real estate expert, podcast host, and coach who uses his knowledge to help other agents become successful as well.

After becoming a top real estate agent, he was approached by a company that was looking for real estate coaches. Since then, he developed one of the best real estate sales and marketing programs in the country while starting his own coaching company, Top Listing Agent.

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