How to Achieve Your Goals in 2019 w/ Morgan Oaks

The start of a new year provides an opportunity for us to set new goals. While a great opportunity, this can feel overwhelming. How can we achieve every resolution we’ve set for ourselves? Is there a way to level up more than one dimension of our lives at a time? On this episode, we speak with a master of goal setting and achieving, Morgan Oaks. Drawing on his personal experience, Morgan advocates a holistic approach to elevating your life.

A third-party view is critical: find someone with the nerve to tell you when you’re doing something wrong.- Morgan Oaks.


Three Things We Learned

Taking a holistic approach to goals

Far too often, the third parties we employ to help us with challenges we face only concentrate on one area at a time. For example, business coaches do not consider your relationships, in the same way that relationship counsellors do not take into account your business issues. The reality is, as a human being each of these areas plays a significant role in your life. Make sure you’re always aware of this.

The importance of exercise

Exercise is one activity that can help you level up almost every dimension of your life. In addition to the obvious benefits for physical health, it can also assist in reducing stress and maintaining focus. As we emphasize, when you achieve new levels of fitness, you experience a sense of victory. The feeling of achievement is carried with you, even after you leave the gym.

How to achieve in multiple areas of your life

Find singular, helpful tools that help you meet multiple goals at once. This does not require fully realizing each of your goals at the same time, but speaks to a process whereby you can achieve small victories. Meditation, for example, can help you slow down and enjoy the moment- and help you be more productive afterwards.


There is no better time than the start of 2019 to start adopting routines that will help you find success in every aspect of your life. Routines like exercise go a long way in helping you achieve goals in terms of both physical and mental health. The ability to meet two goals with one activity should never be discounted. While you may see the categories in which you place your goals as distinct, remember that they are all important to you for a reason.

Guest Bio

As a chiropractor, transformational speaker and high performance coach, it’s safe to say that Morgan Oaks has a diverse range of talents. Morgan points out that one of his greatest motivators is never feeling that he is getting enough out of what he’s doing in the moment. By thinking that way, he is always pushing for more and trying to best achieve his goals.

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