How Humor and Transparency Can Save You From Being the Salesy Agent on Social Media w/Eric Simon

Many agents see the potential in online lead generation, but when they start out, their biggest challenge is creating content that cuts through the noise. What do people want to see in your videos? How can you use controversy and humor to your advantage? Should you be transparent both with your wins and failures or only focus on the positive side? In this episode, Eric Simon talks about how he leveraged the comedic aspects of everyday real estate fails to build his business.

Authenticity and humor can be great content. -Eric Simon

Three Things We Learned

Video is king

Investing your time into making videos is one of the best ways to engage with your audience because it targets all of the senses. Don’t make the mistake of trying to look perfect on camera. Being transparent and even vulnerable is more relatable than doing things right all the time.

Focus on a niche, don’t spread yourself too thin

Focus on finding your niche. You don’t have to talk about everything. Find a category and dominate it. Make yourself the face of that category instead of trying to create content for every platform and for all tastes.

Video is great for multiplying your relationship building efforts

Because video targets all of the senses and there’s a face attached to the voice and message, it makes it easier for your audience to get attached to you. With video you can build trust and relationships without even knowing that it’s taking place. You no longer have to speak with someone in person for them to get to know you, as many people will feel like they already know you just by watching your videos.

The best type of content is the one that suits your personality and is readable. Most of the content out there in real estate is about agents who got successful overnight, but few dare to share their hard times and be transparent about the good and bad aspects of the industry.

This approach will only hurt you in the long term because honesty and transparency is more relatable than “feel good” stories.

Guest Bio

Eric Simon is the creator of the Broke Agent, a media brand meant to entertain agents by using comedic aspects of the industry. His mission is to stop agents from feeling alone in their struggles and find humor in otherwise hard-to-digest situations. He is currently active in the Los Angeles area, and if you want to work with him you can find him here.

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