How Chris Bentley Stopped Spending Thousands on Leads & Rebuilt His Brand

For many agents, buying leads online has stopped yielding the results it used to, so they have to completely shift their lead generation. What are some of the reasons for the drop in online lead ROI? Why did our guest choose to double down on branding himself? How does he use social media and podcast interviews to build his credibility? On this episode, Dallas top agent, Chris Bentley, shares on the cautionary tale of relying on buying leads, and how to lean into building a brand.

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Three Takeaways


The Problem With Buying Leads Now

When you buy leads online through Google PPC, a lot of agents go into it thinking that it’s going to turn over very quickly, or at the very least, that they can cherry pick the top leads, but it doesn’t work that way. People are registering for multiple sites, and they are starting their home search online way earlier than we see them, so we might not even be able to get business.

Why going away from the bandwagon can get you more attention

Most people jump on the bandwagon and refuse to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. The problem is their voice gets lost among the other thousands of people on the same bandwagon.

How to use LinkedIn to target luxury buyers

If you’re targeting luxury listings, LinkedIn is a great place to post really eye-catching photos. High level executives and luxury buyers spend most of their time on LinkedIn, and they don’t just use it after work or on weekends as they do with Facebook and Instagram.

How to generate content that builds credibility  

You don’t just want to have a couple of lines come up when someone Googles you. You want there to be a ton of content because it makes you a lot more credible, and that makes you stand out. 


Through the experience Chris had, the cautionary tale is you have to build up a brand before you do anything else. For a multitude of reasons, the dynamic with buying online leads has massively shifted to the point where it doesn’t make business sense anymore. Having a strong brand in your local area and being micro-famous will yield more results over and over again, and your business will be less affected by shifts and changes online and in the market.  


Guest Bio

Chris is an award-winning agent and author based in Dallas, Texas. As one of Dallas' most aggressive real estate magnates in the making, Chris is quickly growing into one of the most popular people on social media. Through his social media posts and videos, we're able to experience what's it's like to be a Realtor®. His achievements to date include being voted in 2017 and 2018 D Magazine's Best Realtor® and being 4x Multi-Million Dollar Producer. Go to for more information and follow @ChrisDBentley on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. To find him on Facebook, go to


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